How to Apply FRC in Pakistan | Family Registration Certificate

In this article we will discuss how to apply FRC in Pakistan. Family Registration Certificate (FRC) is a document that contains all the details of a person’s family members. The online FRC certificate is generally required for visa purposes and mostly for the pursuance of higher education, immigration, and official visits. in order to prove the connection or relation by blood, marriage or adoption. It’s a family certificate by nature and can only be identified with your record in the National Database Registration Authority, commonly known as NADRA. This article gives you step by step guidance for family registration certificate. There are two types of FRC. FRC by birth including your parents and siblings information and FRC by marriage including wife and children’s information. Fees of FRC is Rs.1000 through online.

Step #1 visit NADRA Official website and click on the FRC option to apply online Nadra FRC.

Step #2 Choose the category which you want to apply. In here two categories select one and follow the instructions.

  • With Parents and siblings (by Birth)
  • With suppose and children’s (by Marriage)

Step #3 Fill up the Email address & Password and click on login.

Step #4 Follow the terms and conditions and click check in button show on the left side of bottom, and click Accept and Continue.

Step #5 Select the option FRC and click on Apply Now .

Step #6 Click on start New FRC Application.

Step #7 Fill up your application details and select Certificate type

  • FRC with spouse and children
  • FRC with parents and siblings

Step #8 Review results of Family data verification details, and check citizen number, Certificate type, Category, Priority and fees and click on Next.

Step #9 Pay application payment with Just credit card or NADRA e Sahulat and click on Next.

Step #10

  • Fill up card type
  • Card Number
  • Card Security code (CVC)
  • Card Expiry date

Step #11 You received payment results successfully.

Step #12 You received tracking Id and some compulsory details.

Step #13 Fill up your family details and personal data all steps complete be carefully and click on Next button.

Step #14 Select family member and upload photo only 5MB size

  • Photograph should have white background
  • Applicant should not be wearing glasses
  • Only jpg and png file formats are accepted
  • Dimensions of photograph must be greater then 350*467

Step #15 You have successfully submitted your family registration certificate and received tracking number, and you check your application status left bottom you press Click here to view your submitted application.

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