How To Apply For NADRA B-Form(CRC) | Requirements, Process, Complete Details


In this article we will discuss what is NADRA B-Form (CRC), and why we need this documents? CRC is stand for Child Registration Birth Certificate and also known as B- Form. Birth Certificate and B-Form are two different documents, To apply Birth certificate visit Municipal Committee, And to apply B- Form visit NADRA office. Child Registration Certificate (CRC) is a registration document used to register minors under the age of 18 years. Now Discuss why we need this document, Nowadays NADRA providing many services online but B- Form (CRC) is not online. To apply CRC, father or mother will visit to the Nadra office along with the below mention documents.

1- Child Birth Registration Certificate (CBRC)

2- Parent National ID Card

3- Fees

If the Child father going to the Nadra office for applying B- form so when details is complete write Nadra office so he give one farm and you go to the 17 Grade Gusseted officer and attested for this document and go back to the Nadra office for submit the farm. And if the child mother go the Nadra office for applying B-Form so only Thumb Impression given to the staff. Now we talk about the applying B- Form fees.

Normal Category Fees 50 Rs and processing time 4-5 working days.

Urgent Category Fees 500 Rs and processing time 1 working day.

Now we talk about what is the benefits of B- Form. Sometimes we think about that we make Birth Certificate and this is enough, but this is only Birth Registration Certificate and apply Municipal Cametti, And the B-Form is different document for (CBRC). And B-Form only apply for NADR office and this is different document for (CBRC). When you apply CBRC in Municipal Cammati and your record is not going to the Nadra office because both are different documents and different department. And now we known what is the Benefits of B-Form If your child have B_ Form so you apply easily National Passport and you go the another country easily, because when you apply B- Form and when you received the form so Nadra give your child 13 digits number and this number after 18 years to help National ID Card. And if your child want to attend Board Exams so B- Form is compulsory document for Board Examinations. when you complete all process so you received this as show in below in image.

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