Kamyab Jawan Program Phase 2 | New Kamyab Jawan Karza Scheme 2020

In this article we will discuss what is kamyab jawan program phase II and what is the benefit of this program and why this program have launched. This program is specially for youngster Pakistani and CNIC holders. This program is not for Government employee, Bank employee, Political person and Overseas Pakistani. And the requirement of this application, Passport size pitcher, CNIC, Fresh education certificates, Diploma, Experience later.

To apply for this programme just visit kamyab jawan official website and fill all 9 Steps. To fill the steps video guideline available in the bottom of the page.

And men and women his/her age 21 to 45 years And if IT/ E-Commerce person his age require 18 years old, and this scheme is designed for micro and small business enterprises. And 15+ Banks participate in this program to help the applying persons. And specially in this program there is no gender discrimination in this scheme and applicants of all genders are offered equal opportunities. However, considering the ground realities and to protect the fair gender, a minimum of 25% share on aggregate basis of all loans is kept for women. And one person apply only one time for this program. If you want to any help for solve application, You can contact nearest branches of participating banks for guidance and assistance. Moreover you can visit Citizens’ Portal app for related queries. You only have to pay Rs. 100/= (Rupees One Hundred Only) as a processing fee inclusive of NADRA online CNIC verification fee. How would I know if my loan application has been approved or rejected? You can check the status of your application on the Kmayab Jawan portal.

Besides, whenever an application is approved or rejected, the bank will send an SMS to the applicant’s provided cell number apprising him/her of the decision on his/her application. Read instruction be carefully Can any business consultant guarantee the success of loan application? All applicants are strongly advised to refrain from using any unethical means to influence the decision making process. This scheme is totally based on merit. No person or entity can guarantee the success or otherwise of any application submitted in this scheme. All applications complying with the terms and conditions of the scheme will be treated strictly on merit and as per the credit policies of the participating banks, SBP regulations and relevant laws and rules. Any effort to influence the decision making process will render that applicant permanently ineligible. What is the markup rate for this scheme?

Loans provided under Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Program Phase II are segregated into 3 tiers.
Tier 1: The range is 100,000 up to 1 million PKR with 3% markup
Tier 2: The range is above 1 Million up to 10 Million PKR with 4% markup
Tier 3: The range is above 10 Million up to 25 Million PKR with 5% markup

Scheme allows a maximum of 1-year grace period And what is the process after a loan is approved?
After a loan is sanctioned and customer is notified through SMS and applicant has accepted the offer, following steps are required to be taken:
 Applicant has to open an account with the bank
 Deposit required equity
 Provide collateral, if required
 Execute legal forms

Do all the banks have same selection criteria?
Yes, all the banks have same selection criteria.
Can you apply for the loan through more than one banks?

What is the maximum tenure of loan?
The maximum tenure for repayment of loan is 8 years including a maximum of 1-year grace period.
However, the exact loan duration and grace period for each loan depends on type of business and
judgment and decision making of participating banks.

If you want to apply you follow these 9 steps Kamyab Jawan Program

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